ALMOND MILK & MANUKA HONEYA mild fresh floral fragrance, almond milk and honey.

ARI CLOUDS -   A fruity gourmand fragrance which starts with notes of juicy pear and lavender, followed by whipped coconut cream notes and oriental orchid. 

ARABELLA'S FAIRY DREAMS (HOUSEBLEND) - Where Bubblegum and Pear Drops meet a Fresh Laundry Scent - a must for Snow Fairy Fans 


BACCARAT ROUGE - An intense linear harmony of jasmine and saffron rounded with woody amber and fir balsam. Perfume Dupe 

BABY SHAMPOO - Similiar to a well know Baby Shampoo 

BAKEWELL TART - A delicious mouthwatering bakewell tart accord with a juicy cherry, raspberry and strawberry puree, sealed with fondant icing, on a scrumptious vanilla almond cake base.

BANANA PANCAKE STACK - The intoxicating aroma of white rum soaked bananas blended with coconut cream on a float of condensed milk sweetened by crushed vanilla pods and a buttery pancake base, finished with a drizzle of salted caramel and chocolate sauce.

BANOFFEE PIE - A rich mouthwatering dessert of toffee and caramel on a sweet biscuit base with vanilla whipped cream, hints of warm spices and a generous helping of fresh and stewed bananas.

BEACH WATER COCONUT - A coastal kiss of creamy coconut milk, fresh bergamot and bamboo leaves all blended with aquatic notes and sea salt, resting on a base of musk. 

BERRY BOUDOIR ( HOUSEBLEND)-  A gorgeous Blend of Juicy Blackberries mixed with the fresh scent of a fluffy clean duvet.

BERRY BUM BUM CREAM - Seas the day with this fruity floral accord! Juicy top notes of raspberry, apple, lemon, almond, coconut and peach lead into a floral heart of jasmine, freesia, heliotrope, rose, lily and orchid. All resting on an irresistibly sweet base of vanilla, sugar, musk, tonka, moss, cedar and sandalwood.

BERRY BUBBLES - A fruity but fresh accord with notes of frosted wild berries fused with green accords and topped with invigorating lemon zest for that freshly cleaned vibe we all know and love. 

BERRY BUBBLEGUM - A juicy and bubble-gum accord with mouth-watering fruity notes of grape, sweet orange and raspberry mixed with sticky berry jam notes.

BLACKBERRY FIZZ - A fruity fizzy accord with top notes of strawberry leaf and fizzy lemon on a heart of juicy wild blackberry, raspberry, strawberry and supporting apple notes with a smooth base of musk, amber and sugar.

BLACK CHERRY - Juicy Black Cherries mixed with a sweet hit of vanilla 

BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE ICE CREAM- A Guilty Pleasure! YUM! Tease the senses with this blend of dessert favorites. Rich cream cheese tones are perfectly balanced with a blueberry accord and tiny hints of cinnamon blended with super sweet vanilla ice cream adds the final temptation for this fabulous treat! SUPER STRONG - SUPER FABULOUS! 

BLUEBERRY FROSTING - A super sweet accord with juicy blueberries, sun ripened raspberries and blackcurrants laid on a bed of white sugar.

BLUEBERRY MILKSHAKE - An exquisite fruity accord with lush blueberries coated with smooth vanilla milk, with hints of toasted marshmallows and tonka beans.

Warning: May cause an allergic skin reaction Dispose of contents/container to approved disposal site, in accordance with
local regulations. Contains ETHYL METHYLPHENYLGLYCIDATE. May produce an allergic reaction.

BLUEBERRY SLUSH - Sweet fruity fragrance with notes of smooth blueberry slush accompanied by hints of apple, bubblegum, peach and earthy hints, all sweetened by soft vanilla.

Warning: May cause an allergic skin reaction. Dispose of contents/container to approved disposal site, in accordance with
local regulations. Contains ETHYL METHYLPHENYLGLYCIDATE. May produce an allergic reaction.

BUBBLEGUM - A confectionary bubblegum fragrance with sweet fruity notes of raspberry, strawberry, orange, musk and vanilla.

WARNING Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting eects. Dispose of contents/container to approved disposal site, in accordance with local regulations. Contains ETHYL METHYLPHENYLGLYCIDATE, LIMONENE, PENTADECALACTONE. May produce an allergic reaction. 

BUM BUM CREAM - A fruity floral accord with top notes of apple, lemon, almond, coconut and peach leading to a floral heart of jasmine, freesia, heliotrope, rose, lily and orchid on a sweet base of vanilla, sugar, musk, tonka, moss, cedar and sandalwood

May produce an allergic reaction.
Safety data sheet available on request.

CELESTIAL WHISPER - An oriental accord with a delicate blend of raspberry and damask rose encapsulated by woody notes. 

Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects Dispose of contents/container to approved disposal site, in accordance with local regulations. Contains GERANYL ACETATE, HEXYL SALICYLATE, LIMONENE, LINALOOL, TETRAMETHYL ACETYLOCTAHYDRONAPHTHALENES. May produce an allergic reaction

CHANTILLY LAUNDERED LACE -   Dreamy musk and soft amber, infused with freesia & bergamot florals make this delicate & beautifully clean lace laundry scent a real pleasure for the senses. 

CHERRY DROPS - A fruity cherry fragrance supported by a sweet vanilla dry down.

CHERRY SLUSH - A fruity cherry fragrance supported by a sweet vanilla dry down.

CLOTHESLINE - A powdery musky floral accord with violet and orangeblossom, along with refreshing green hints and Jasmin and lily.

COCO COLADA - A sweet and sticky pineapple fragrance with supporting notes of creamy coconut and hints of peach, orange and raspberry.

COOKIE MONSTER FREAKSHAKE - A cookies and cream milkshake fragrance with notes of cookies, coconut, cream, vanilla and milkshake.

DEWBERRY CRUSH - Rich & fruity a medley of sweet dewberries, blackberries and raspberries, twisted with a hint of creamy vanilla and musk. 

DON'T FORGET YOUR SUNCREAM - Wisk yourself away to the beach with this fragrance oil that is reminiscent of Hawaiian Tropics suntan lotion!  This is a fruity paradise containing notes of creamy coconut, passion fruit, guava, pineapple, banana, melon, and grapefruit. You'll feel the tan coming on!  A Best Seller! 


EUCALYPTUS & COTTON - A cool floral accord with fresh crisp green notes, enlivened with menthol and eucalyptus and a touch of mandarin, leading to a watery floral heart of lavender, white lily and chamomile.

EGYPTIAN AMBER - An intensely rich aroma with crisp top notes of bergamot, lemon, orange and warming spices enhanced by floral touches of lavender, geranium and jasmine with a full exotic background of amber, precious woods, incense and musks.

FISHBOWL COCKTAIL - A fun and fizzy fishbowl, big enough for everyone, where sweet lychee and maraschino cherries are muddled with strawberry lace rats tails and strained over sparkling lemonade. Tart apple and blackcurrant are layered on top, with lime jelly floaters and decorative sugar skulls.

FIZZY VIMPTO - A sweet mouth-watering fruity aroma with cherry supported by notes of raspberry, blackcurrant and watery black grape.

FLUFFY TOWELS -  The fresh scent of clean towels warm and fluffy straight from the dryer!

FLUFFY VANILLA SILKS - A duplication of a fragrance from a well known American Bath & Body Product Manufacturer. Our A fruity accord combining top notes of grape, orange, lemon, bubblegum and hints of pineapple all resting on a sweet sugary base.version of this amazing fragrance - is whipped and fluffy a wonderful blend of vanilla bean, sweet spun sugar and heavenly white peach blossoms.  A warm spring breeze floats over you with this fragrance.  Totally Gorgeous.

FRESH QUILT - Nothing beats that feeling of getting into bed with crisp and clean freshly laundered bedding that smells amazing! Our caring citrus floral fragrance opens with sweet lemon, hints of fresh aldehydes and a touch of eucalyptus followed by a heart of rose, geranium and iris. The background of powdery musk, vanilla and soft woods creates a lasting impression.

FROSTED EUCALYPTUS - A gorgeous accord of crisp frosted eucalyptus; a multifaceted forest scent with hints of mint, honey, and citrus.

FROSTED SUGAR BLOOMS - A Confectionery dream - sweet sugar crystals sprinkled over Frosted Floral Blooms - conjures up a haze of pink sweetness for Spring & Summer or any time of year you like.

FUNFAIR - A sweet and delicious cotton candy fragrance with notes of caramelised sugar and vanilla, with hints of strawberry and liquorice, on a base of cotton musks.

GRANDMA'S COOKIES - A warm gooey cookie fragrance with melted marshmallow.

GRAPE BUBBLEGUM - A fruity accord combining top notes of grape, orange, lemon, bubblegum and hints of pineapple all resting on a sweet sugary base.

HEAD OFFICE - This rework of a well known British High Street Bath & Body brand dupe is a potent blend of all the scents from this Bath & Body maker - it's really fabulous. It's an aroma that encompasses everything that's wonderful about this iconic brand - a combination of sensual florals and woods.


HOOVER LINES - Is there anything more satisfying than seeing those perfect hoover lines on super thick, velvety soft carpet? The fragrance opens with a fresh and cool marine accord with ozonic and floral aldehydes at the top. The heart is complex and clean with aqua blossom, pink rose and fresh cyclamen, descending onto a base of cool amber, vanilla and sweet musks.


A super fruity, delectable fragrance reminiscent of a magical place!

Top - Cherry, Strawberry

Middle - Sandalwood, Raspberry, Muguet, Lactones

Base - Vanilla, Musk & Amber

ICING SUGAR - A sweet fragrance that opens with zesty lemon notes, mixed with lily and jasmine before finishing with a twist of vanilla, musk and coconut. 

IRIDESCENT PEARL - An intense fruity floral accord opening with blackcurrant, sparkling bergamot and mandarin with green notes leading to a heart of freesia, may rose, jasmine, lily and powdery heliotrope supported by patchouli, cedarwood, sandalwood, sensual amber and vanilla in the base

 JAMMY TIME - A soothing blend of baby freesia, lavender and sweet pea. 

JUICY FRUIT - A fruity fragrance of juicyfruit that includes notes of lime, lemon, orange, apple, blueberry, banana, grape, pineapple, bubblegum, strawberry, cherry, clove, cinnamon, spearmint, peppermint and vanilla.

LAUNDRY DAY aGAIN - A dupe of the original USA laundry fragrance. Do you love your laundry scents ?  then Laundry Day aGAIN is the fragrance oil for you ... a wonderful clean combination of  Oranges & lemons blend perfectly with  blossoms and fruity, green notes.  Soft and sweet White Jasmine finishes off with notes of amber. 

LAUNDRY FAIRY - Reminiscent of Fairy Fabric Softener, with similar notes

LAVENDER COTTON - A fresh, clean floral fougere with notes of lavender, ylang ylang and green leaves, leading to a heart of lily, rose, iris and mimosa, resting on a base of sandalwood and dry flowers.

LEMONADE STAND - Whether lounging under the palms or lost in wistful summer dreaming, this ever so tangy childhood classic will have your mouth watering. This fizzy lemonade accord is designed to quench the senses through an explosion of juicy lime notes and the vivid essence of zesty citrus lemon rounded by fresh herbal hints

LEMON BUBBLEGUM - A sweet bubblegum and lemon accord with sticky sweet sugar notes followed by soft base notes of vanilla.

LEMON SHERBET - A stunning cross between ice cream and sorbet with a super sweet tangy lemon scent

LEMON SORBET & PEACH LEMONADE - Be a fruit loop in a world full of cheerios with this unique and juicy lemonade concoction where lemon, lime and a splash of sweet orange are enhanced by soft peach, strawberry and an extraordinary burst of tongue-twisting sherbet. All of this rests on a sweet base of creamy vanilla, amber and soft woods.

LYCHEE LEMONADE - A hybrid of two of our favourite scents! Pink Lemonade meets Lychee Martini and becomes Lychee Lemonade.

MALLOWMAZING - fluffy pink sugar, vanilla icing, gooey marshmallow and creamy musk all spun with a cheeky twist of raspberry sauce. Inspired by a Bubble Bath fragrance.

MANGO & PASSIONFRUIT LEMONADE - Drink in the sunshine with this MANGOnificient fragrance! Luscious notes of juicy, golden mango are enhanced by passionfruit and a squeeze of zesty lime and pink grapefruit all further enhanced by cool melon and pineapple nuances. At the heart, jasmine blossom and dreamy raspberry sorbet notes are lifted by a base of juicy fruits and musk.

MOONLIT JUNIPER - A decadent treat for the senses where fresh mandarin and nuances of bergamot shine upon aromatic tones of juniper. Deep amber tones are cocooned at the heart, laying on soft musk, earthy patchouli and soothing woods.

MOONLIT SKIES - A relaxing fragrance combines Seville orange, caramel and cashmere with silky rose petals and jasmine.

NAG CHAMPA - A rich woody fragrance opening with a top note of bergamot descending into a smooth floral heart of rose, neroli, lavender and jasmine resting on a background of precious woods, vanilla, tonka, patchouli and musk.

NANA NAP - A simplistic blend of lavender, herbs and vanilla that is enough to make anyone want a nana nap!

OCEAN WAVES - A cool fresh marine accord with notes of coastal sage, lemon, bergamot and rosewood spiced up with wild thyme, nutmeg and clove with fresh ozonic notes reminiscent of a rock pool alongside sea breezes with a base of cedar, seaweed, sandal, fir balsam and musks.

PAL GLAM FEELING - A scent composed from rich bourbon vanilla, luscious dragon fruit and indulgent blackberry with subtle undertones of vanilla, coconut and melon for a truly refreshing fragrance 

PINK FLUFF - A mouthwatering fruity accord with sun ripened raspberry top notes, descending to a heart of rose, marshmallow, strawberry and hints of apple, supported by sweet vanilla fluffy musks and peach

PINKY SANDS - Bright Citrus, Coconut, Anise, Jasmine, Fresh Air, Spicy Vanilla all blended to give you an exotic island escape with a beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla.

PINK TULIPS & WHITE JASMINE - An exquisite combination of sweet orchard fruits with subtle but rich floral notes that is strictly for those laundry scent lovers! Pink tulips and white jasmine freshly picked from the country garden are at the core of this delightful accord that will delight your senses.

PLUMPED CUSHIONS - Like a huge, comfy sofa with the softest, plumped cushions this fragrance envelops you in fruity top notes of pear, apple, peach and bergamot. The delicate floral heart reveals rose, jasmine, violet, lily and chamomile, all cushioned by a pillow soft base of woods and musk.

RASPBERRY AND BLACKBERRY CANDYThis fruity floral accord opens with bergamot, raspberry and frosted blackberry. The heart unfolds with freesia, cassis and jasmine intertwined with whipped cream and marshmallows. All this is nestled amidst a base of vanilla, candy and sugar

RASPBERRY CANDYFLOSS - A sweet fruity mixed berry accords with hints of fresh strawberries, juicy raspberries, ripe blackcurrants, delicious blackberries and crisp green apple all sprinkled with a dusting of sweet sugar.

RASPBERRY LEMONADE - A mouth tingling accord with top notes of fizzy lemon, lime and grapefruit, on a heart of fizzy citrus, a touch of apple and sweet raspberry, with a base of vanilla and sugar.

RASPBERRY RIPPLE ICE CREAM - Vanilla ice cream with added Raspberry Sauce swirls 

RAZZLEBERRY LAUNDRY FLUFF ( HOUSEBLEND ) - Raspberry Ice Cream with hints of Caramel and a Lavish Laundry Hit 

RED VELVET FREAKSHAKE - A rich red velvet cupcake accord with notes of chocolate, buttermilk, cream cheese & roasted hazelnuts, on a freshly baked base, topped with icing sugar, ice cream & chocolate sprinkles.

RHUBARB & ROSE LEMONADE - Grab this fizz and get fabulous as the fusion of mouth watering rhubarb and precious, velvet soft rose make for a sophisticated combination. Bubbling rhubarb pink lemonade is given an icy freshness with hints of peppermint, sprinkled with rose petals. A crisp base of musk, dry fruits and woods bring the scent to a luxurious close.

RHUBARB MARMALA-DE -  A luscious blend of Rhubarb, Orange, Strawberry and Green Apple, uplifted by Violets and Cedarwood and sweetened with a small dash of Vanilla

SAMPHIRE & SEA MINT - An energetic scent with a heart of juniper berry, geranium and lemon that are on a base of patchouli and cedar leaf that are encapsulated with warm tones of bergamot. 

SAUVAGE - A cool unflappable fougere where crisp bergamot and mandarin combine with geranium petals, olibanum oil, fresh lavender sprigs, patchouli, moss and warm nuances of precious amber and musks. Aftershave dupe 

SEA MINT & MINERALS -A rich fragrance where the essence of pine, lavender and patchouli envelope earthy cedarwood and herbal notes. 

SEA SALT & VANILLA - A gentle white floral opens with sparkling green mandarin and fresh aquatic accords, a heart of white jasmine and spiced ginger lily is softened with the presence of sea- salted vanilla nuances. A creamy sandalwood, cashmere and white musk base completes the blend.

SHIMMER - A cherry based fragrance with sweet and juicy mouthwatering fruity elements of raspberry, plum, redcurrant and peach, refreshed by orange, grapefruit and lemon, leading into a fruity coconut heart, then sweetened by vanilla and a candy base.

SPA SENSATION - A herbal accord, dominated by notes of lavender with top notes of green leaf, lemon, grapefruit, orange and lime with pine, lavender, spearmint and eucalyptus, leading to a spicy floral heart of coriander seed, Jasmin, marigold, rose and gardenia on a base of cedarwood, amber, Tonka, vanilla and musk.

SHOW HOME - A floral amber accord which starts with green top notes with citrus and cassis. The heart is floral white with jasmine and muguet. The background is oriental with vanilla, tonka bean, cedarwood atlas, musk and sandalwood.

SLUMBER BUNNY - A wonderfully relaxing soft scent - fluffy clouds of lavender & chamomile blend with vanilla & amber and soft notes of musk, light spices and woods. 

 SNUG AS A BUG - The perfect scent for one of those days where all you want to do is stay at home and be as snug as a bug! This sumptuous fragrance wraps you in fresh bergamot and citrus softened by chamomile, delicate cotton blossom and pink pepper. The comforting floral heart of peony, magnolia and iris petals is supported by a cosseting background of amber, creamy sandalwood and cotton musk.

STRESS RELIEF - A relaxing blend of eucalyptus and rosemary. Similar in style to a well known bubble bath.

SUGAR PLUM - A natural smelling juicy plum fragrance with top notes of rich purple grapes, peach, nectarine, a heart of tropical fruits and a base of lightly sugared vanilla.

SUGARED CUDDLES - Embrace this rich and luxurious fragrance where edible notes of creamy vanilla and indulgent toffee mingle with uplifting tones of orange and coconut. Sweet and honeyed guaiac wood leads to a soothing bed of amber, musk and sandalwood, layered with a sprinkling of sugar

SUMMER ICE - Cool Off with this refreshing fruity fragrance consisting of strawberry and guava, all twisted with a flesh blast on lime, resting on a creamy vanilla ice cream base. 

SUNDAY CUDDLES - The jobs are done and there’s nothing to rush about for, as you enjoy some Sunday Cuddles with the family. This cosy oriental accord reveals citrus facets, followed by soft peach and a hint of coconut. The floral heart emerges through heliotrope, jasmine, lily and rose, descending onto a sumptuous base of sandalwood, cocoa, amber, musk and creamy vanilla.

TUXEDO -  An aromatic treat for your senses – a rich and sultry combination of Sandalwood blended with Green Sage and Tonka Bean. 

VINTAGE BARBER SHOP - A fresh herbal fragrance with dominant marine notes, mixed with citrus top notes of bergamot, lemon and orange, with minty notes of refreshing peppermint and cooling eucalyptus, leading to mixed floral and herbal notes of geranium, lavender, lily and rosemary. All resting on a light woody base.

WATERLILY & LIME - Invigorating citrus fragrance with middle notes of freesia that lay elegantly on a bed of amber for a truly refreshing laundry accord.

WINDOWSILL BREEZE - A fresh green herbal fragrance with lemon, basil, armoise and thyme, enriched by green leaves, supported by a heart of pine needle, rose and lily, resting on a clean base of dry flowers and musk.







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