The Wax Collections

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Super cute wax collections 

6 different scents in each collection 

300g of scented wax in each collection 

The Sweets Collection contains -

Cola Bottles- Lemon Sherbet - Starburst Sweets- Bubblegum- Smell The Rainbow - Rainbow Drops 

The Drinks Collection contains - 

Peach Bellini- Blackberry Fizz- Cherry Slushie- Blue Raspberry Slushie- Strawberry Gin Smash - Totally Tropical ( Lilt) 

The Marshmallow Collection contains 

Marshmallow & Scottish Raspberry- Marshmallow & Pink Lychee- Marshmallow & Wild Mint- Marshmallow & White Peach - Marshmallow & Blueberry Frosting- Marshmallow & Lemon Buttercream 

The Most Wanted Collcetion contains 

Blackberry Fizz - Fluffy Linen- Alien Invasion- Blueberry Frosting- Daffodil & Vanilla - Snow Queen